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Constellations IoT / M2M
Small, low cost modules with embedded antennas and battery life of 10+ years. Commercializing Doppler Multichannel Spread Spectrum (DMSS) to enable tracking and monitoring of billions of assets.
Status: Prototype(s) launched
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Country US
Created 2018
Funding $15.2M

Revolutionary wireless technology for low-cost, global, indoor tracking and monitoring of billions of assets.


Totum is developing the revolutionary communication system and chip level technology required for simple, global, outdoor and indoor low-cost connectivity that will allow Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) connections to scale into the billions.
The DMSS 3990 is a highly integrated Low Power Sensor to Satellite (LP-S2S) System on a Chip (SOC) ASIC that includes a DMSS modem, RF functionality, baseband and application CPUs, and provides for efficient integrated power regulation (for multi-year battery life) in a small/low cost package using the Global Foundries 22DFX process.

Status Active in nanosatellites

Last modified: 2023-05-01

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