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Name Swarm Technologies (SpaceX)
Constellations IoT / M2M
World's smallest two-way communication satellites. FCC applications for 150 VHF and 450 UHF 0.25U CubeSats.
Status: Launches ongoing
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Country US
Founded 2017
Funding $27.7M

Customers pay $119 for Swarm Tiles, low-power modems to embed in devices, in addition to $5 per device per month for Swarm service.
Regulatory approval to operate commercially gained in early 2020.
Acquired by SpaceX in mid 2021.

Photos Swarm Technologies Swarm Technologies Swarm Technologies
Status Active in nanosatellites
Own nanosats
SpaceBEE-1,   SpaceBEE-2,   SpaceBEE-3,   SpaceBEE-4,   SpaceBEE-5,   SpaceBEE-6,   SpaceBEE-7,   SpaceBEE-8 (FM12),   SpaceBEE-9 (FM13),   SpaceBEE-10,   SpaceBEE-11,   SpaceBEE-12,   SpaceBEE-13,   SpaceBEE-14,   SpaceBEE-15,   SpaceBEE-16,   SpaceBEE-17,   SpaceBEE-18,   SpaceBEE-19,   SpaceBEE-20,   SpaceBEE-21,   SpaceBEE-22,   SpaceBEE-23,   SpaceBEE-24,   SpaceBEE-25,   SpaceBEE-26,   SpaceBEE-27,   SpaceBEE-28 ,   SpaceBEE-29,   SpaceBEE-30,   SpaceBEE-31,   SpaceBEE-32,   SpaceBEE-33,   SpaceBEE-34,   SpaceBEE-35,   SpaceBEE-36,   SpaceBEE-37,   SpaceBEE-38,   SpaceBEE-39,   SpaceBEENZ-1 (SpaceBEE-40),   SpaceBEENZ-2 (SpaceBEE-41),   SpaceBEENZ-3 (SpaceBEE-42),   SpaceBEENZ-4 (SpaceBEE-43),   SpaceBEENZ-5 (SpaceBEE-44),   SpaceBEENZ-6 (SpaceBEE-45),   SpaceBEE-40,   SpaceBEE-41,   SpaceBEE-42,   SpaceBEE-43,   SpaceBEE-44,   SpaceBEE-45,   SpaceBEE-46,   SpaceBEE-47,   SpaceBEE-48,   SpaceBEE-49,   SpaceBEE-50,   SpaceBEE-51,   SpaceBEE-52,   SpaceBEE-53,   SpaceBEE-54,   SpaceBEE-55,   SpaceBEE-56,   SpaceBEE-57,   SpaceBEE-58,   SpaceBEE-59,   SpaceBEE-60,   SpaceBEE-61,   SpaceBEE-62,   SpaceBEE-63,   SpaceBEE-64,   SpaceBEE-65,   SpaceBEE-66,   SpaceBEE-67,   SpaceBEE-68,   SpaceBEE-69,   SpaceBEE-70,   SpaceBEE-71,   SpaceBEE-72,   SpaceBEE-73,   SpaceBEE-74,   SpaceBEE-75,   SpaceBEE-76,   SpaceBEE-77,   SpaceBEE-78,   SpaceBEE-79,   SpaceBEE-80,   SpaceBEE-81,   SpaceBEE-82,   SpaceBEE-83,   SpaceBEE-84,   SpaceBEE-85,   SpaceBEE-86,   SpaceBEE-87,   SpaceBEE-88,   SpaceBEE-89,   SpaceBEE-90,   SpaceBEE-91,   SpaceBEE-92,   SpaceBEE-93,   SpaceBEE-94,   SpaceBEE-95,   SpaceBEE-96,   SpaceBEE-97,   SpaceBEE-98,   SpaceBEE-99,   SpaceBEE-100,   SpaceBEE-101,   SpaceBEE-102,   SpaceBEE-103,   SpaceBEE-104,   SpaceBEE-105,   SpaceBEE-106,   SpaceBEE-107,   SpaceBEE-108,   SpaceBEE-109,   SpaceBEE-110,   SpaceBEE-111,   SpaceBEENZ-7,   SpaceBEENZ-8,   SpaceBEENZ-9,   SpaceBEENZ-10,   SpaceBEE-112,   SpaceBEE-113,   SpaceBEE-114,   SpaceBEE-115,   SpaceBEE-116,   SpaceBEE-117,   SpaceBEE-118,   SpaceBEE-119,   SpaceBEE-120,   SpaceBEE-121,   SpaceBEE-122,   SpaceBEE-123,   SpaceBEE-124,   SpaceBEE-125,   SpaceBEE-126,   SpaceBEE-127,   SpaceBEENZ-11,   SpaceBEENZ-12,   SpaceBEENZ-13,   SpaceBEENZ-14,   SpaceBEE-128,   SpaceBEE-129,   SpaceBEE-130,   SpaceBEE-131,   SpaceBEE-132,   SpaceBEE-133,   SpaceBEE-134,   SpaceBEE-135,   SpaceBEE-136,   SpaceBEE-137,   SpaceBEE-138,   SpaceBEE-139,   SpaceBEE-140,   SpaceBEE-141,   SpaceBEE-142,   SpaceBEE-143,   SpaceBEE-144,   SpaceBEE-145,   SpaceBEE-146,   SpaceBEE-147,   SpaceBEE-148,   SpaceBEE-149,   SpaceBEE-150,   SpaceBEE-151,   SpaceBEE-152,   SpaceBEE-153,   SpaceBEE-154,   SpaceBEE-155,   SpaceBEENZ-15,   SpaceBEENZ-16,   SpaceBEENZ-17,   SpaceBEENZ-18,   SpaceBEENZ-19,   SpaceBEENZ-20,   SpaceBEENZ-21,   SpaceBEENZ-22
Own nanosats
to be launched
SpaceBEE-xx (x1),   SpaceBEE-xx (x2),   SpaceBEE-xx (x3),   SpaceBEE-xx (x4),   SpaceBEE-xx (x5),   SpaceBEE-xx (x6),   SpaceBEE-xx (x7),   SpaceBEE-xx (x8),   SpaceBEE-xx (x9),   SpaceBEE-xx (x10),   SpaceBEE-xx (x11),   SpaceBEE-xx (x12),   SpaceBEE-xx,   SpaceBEE-xx,   SpaceBEE-xx,   SpaceBEE-xx,   SpaceBEE-xx,   SpaceBEE-xx,   SpaceBEE-xx,   SpaceBEE-xx,   SpaceBEE-xx,   SpaceBEE-xx,   SpaceBEE-xx,   SpaceBEE-xx

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