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Name Swarm Technologies (SpaceX)
Constellations IoT / M2M
World's smallest two-way communication satellites. FCC applications for 150 VHF and 450 UHF 0.25U CubeSats.
Status: Launches ongoing
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Country US
Founded 2017
Funding $27.7M
Notes [Customers pay $119 for Swarm Tiles, low-power modems to embed in devices, in addition](https://spacenews.com/swarm-turns-on-service/) [to $5 per device per month for Swarm service](https://spacenews.com/swarm-reveals-prices/). [Regulatory approval to operate commercially gained in early 2020.](https://medium.com/swarm-technologies/swarm-gains-full-regulatory-approval-to-operate-commercially-7df270a5b0a) [Acquired by SpaceX in mid 2021. ](https://spacenews.com/spacex-to-acquire-swarm-technologies/)
Photos Swarm Technologies Swarm Technologies Swarm Technologies
Status Active in nanosatellites
Own nanosats
SpaceBEE-1,   SpaceBEE-2,   SpaceBEE-3,   SpaceBEE-4,   SpaceBEE-5,   SpaceBEE-6,   SpaceBEE-7,   SpaceBEE-8 (FM12),   SpaceBEE-9 (FM13),   SpaceBEE-10,   SpaceBEE-11,   SpaceBEE-12,   SpaceBEE-13,   SpaceBEE-14,   SpaceBEE-15,   SpaceBEE-16,   SpaceBEE-17,   SpaceBEE-18,   SpaceBEE-19,   SpaceBEE-20,   SpaceBEE-21,   SpaceBEE-22,   SpaceBEE-23,   SpaceBEE-24,   SpaceBEE-25,   SpaceBEE-26,   SpaceBEE-27,   SpaceBEE-28 ,   SpaceBEE-29,   SpaceBEE-30,   SpaceBEE-31,   SpaceBEE-32,   SpaceBEE-33,   SpaceBEE-34,   SpaceBEE-35,   SpaceBEE-36,   SpaceBEE-37,   SpaceBEE-38,   SpaceBEE-39,   SpaceBEENZ-1 (SpaceBEE-40),   SpaceBEENZ-2 (SpaceBEE-41),   SpaceBEENZ-3 (SpaceBEE-42),   SpaceBEENZ-4 (SpaceBEE-43),   SpaceBEENZ-5 (SpaceBEE-44),   SpaceBEENZ-6 (SpaceBEE-45),   SpaceBEE-40,   SpaceBEE-41,   SpaceBEE-42,   SpaceBEE-43,   SpaceBEE-44,   SpaceBEE-45,   SpaceBEE-46,   SpaceBEE-47,   SpaceBEE-48,   SpaceBEE-49,   SpaceBEE-50,   SpaceBEE-51,   SpaceBEE-52,   SpaceBEE-53,   SpaceBEE-54,   SpaceBEE-55,   SpaceBEE-56,   SpaceBEE-57,   SpaceBEE-58,   SpaceBEE-59,   SpaceBEE-60,   SpaceBEE-61,   SpaceBEE-62,   SpaceBEE-63,   SpaceBEE-64,   SpaceBEE-65,   SpaceBEE-66,   SpaceBEE-67,   SpaceBEE-68,   SpaceBEE-69,   SpaceBEE-70,   SpaceBEE-71,   SpaceBEE-72,   SpaceBEE-73,   SpaceBEE-74,   SpaceBEE-75,   SpaceBEE-76,   SpaceBEE-77,   SpaceBEE-78,   SpaceBEE-79,   SpaceBEE-80,   SpaceBEE-81,   SpaceBEE-82,   SpaceBEE-83,   SpaceBEE-84,   SpaceBEE-85,   SpaceBEE-86,   SpaceBEE-87,   SpaceBEE-88,   SpaceBEE-89,   SpaceBEE-90,   SpaceBEE-91,   SpaceBEE-92,   SpaceBEE-93,   SpaceBEE-94,   SpaceBEE-95,   SpaceBEE-96,   SpaceBEE-97,   SpaceBEE-98,   SpaceBEE-99,   SpaceBEE-100,   SpaceBEE-101,   SpaceBEE-102,   SpaceBEE-103,   SpaceBEE-104,   SpaceBEE-105,   SpaceBEE-106,   SpaceBEE-107,   SpaceBEE-108,   SpaceBEE-109,   SpaceBEE-110,   SpaceBEE-111,   SpaceBEENZ-7,   SpaceBEENZ-8,   SpaceBEENZ-9,   SpaceBEENZ-10
Own nanosats
to be launched
SpaceBEE-xx (x1),   SpaceBEE-xx (x2),   SpaceBEE-xx (x3),   SpaceBEE-xx (x4),   SpaceBEE-xx (x5),   SpaceBEE-xx (x6),   SpaceBEE-xx (x7),   SpaceBEE-xx (x8),   SpaceBEE-xx (x9),   SpaceBEE-xx (x10),   SpaceBEE-xx (x11),   SpaceBEE-xx (x12),   SpaceBEE-xx,   SpaceBEE-xx,   SpaceBEE-xx,   SpaceBEE-xx,   SpaceBEE-xx,   SpaceBEE-xx,   SpaceBEE-xx,   SpaceBEE-xx,   SpaceBEE-xx,   SpaceBEE-xx,   SpaceBEE-xx

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