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Name Swarm Technologies
Constellations IoT / M2M
World's smallest two-way communication satellites. FCC applications for 150 VHF and 450 UHF 0.25U CubeSats.
Status: Prototype(s) launched
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Country US
Founded 2017
Funding $27.7M
Notes Regulatory approval to operate commercially gained in early 2020.
Photos Swarm Technologies Swarm Technologies
Status Active in nanosatellites
Own nanosats
SpaceBEE-1,   SpaceBEE-2,   SpaceBEE-3,   SpaceBEE-4,   SpaceBEE-5,   SpaceBEE-6,   SpaceBEE-7,   SpaceBEE-8 (FM12),   SpaceBEE-9 (FM13)
Own nanosats
to be launched
SpaceBEE-xx,   SpaceBEE-xx,   SpaceBEE-xx,   SpaceBEE-xx,   SpaceBEE-xx,   SpaceBEE-xx,   SpaceBEE-xx,   SpaceBEE-xx,   SpaceBEE-xx,   SpaceBEE-xx,   SpaceBEE-xx,   SpaceBEE-xx,   SpaceBEE-xx,   SpaceBEE-xx

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