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Name Supersharp Space Systems (Satlantis, Super-Sharp)
Previous names Super-Sharp Space Systems
Constellations Earth Observation
Develop innovative unfolding telescope for a nanosat constellation giving the required ground resolution (7 metres) with frequent revisit rates. [Bought by Satlantis in 2023 so marking this as Cancelled](
Status: Acquired, Unknown, Prototype development
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Headquarters UK
Established 2017
Funding $2M+
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Using advanced observational technology, we provide organisations across multiple sectors, with the insight to make changes for a better future.


SuperSharp is developing a foldable thermal infrared telescope that would enable satellites as small as 12U, or the size of 12 cubesats, to provide images with a 6-meter ground sampling distance.

Super-Sharp Space Systems develop thermal infrared space telescopes for Earth Observation. Their unfolding self-alignment technology enables them to fit big telescopes in small satellites; providing end users with thermal imagery of the Earth with unprecedented detail, at a high frequency and low price point.

Status Inactive in nanosatellites

Last modified: 2024-05-11

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