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Name Space DOTS (Space Dimensionally Optimized Technology Satellites)
IOD / IOV Payload Hosting Service
Headquarters UK
Created 2021
Funding $1.7M+
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The first smartphone-sized satellites, for active on-orbit testing, in less than 200 g.


Currently the development of new materials, electronics, or coatings suffers high development costs and expensive failures late in the development.
And once a development is complete there is still a barrier to successful commercialization, as customers are not keen to fly first a new unproven product.
​Using our Pico-sat active testing labs and independent platforms, Space DOTS® offers a route to first-flight heritage and product confidence at low TRL levels.

A Pico-sat with active testing labs for samples in a 0.1U volume, hosted on existing commercial Smallsats and ridesharing services to LEO, GEO and Cislunar orbits. The product line consists of a first generation of 4x active test labs: Pull test lab, Torsion test lab, Thermo-optical properties test lab, Thermal conductivity test lab.
The modular components used by the Barnacle DOTS can be reconfigured with a Pico-sat structure, modular add-ons and shared launch adaptor to provide a new class of flat-sat with either 0.07U or 0.15U payload volume, and moderate power capability. This satellite will be able to be launched in groups of either 4x in 0.5U or 8x in a 1U Cubesat volume, enabling miniaturized payloads to access space at a greatly reduced cost. 

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Last modified: 2024-05-18

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