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IOD / IOV Payload Hosting Service
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Created 2021

We provide dedicated In-orbit Demonstration and In-Orbit Validation service with CubeSats.


In the past, opportunities for In-Orbit Demonstration (IOD) or In-Orbit Validations (IOV) were rare, with lead times anywhere between 3 and 10 years. At present, nearly 30 companies in Europe are offering IOD/IOV services, largely catering to companies developing upstream technologies. However, a company interested in an IOD still has to wait in most cases between one to two years until its technology is in orbit. In addition, the whole process is very complicated since many requirements have to be considered.

The Austrian start-up R-Space has developed a system consisting of a dedicated IOD/IOV satellite bus in conjunction with a comprehensive, one-stop shop service component. The satellite bus and the service component are designed to allow the customers to focus 100% on their IOD/IOV technology. This way, the barrier to access IOD/IOV missions is lowered for any customers, even those without any specific experience in satellite technology and related standards.

The GreenBox service from R-Space is a dedicated In-orbit Demonstration (IOD) and In-Orbit Validation (IOV) service. The form factor of the satellite bus is similar to a 2U CubeSat. The bus was designed for IOD/IOV purpose only and reduces the satellite's complexity to a minimum. The customer receives the Payload Accommodation Unit (PAU) and integrates its technology into it. As soon as the customer has integrated the payload into the PAU, R-Space will conduct all the required steps until launch and operate the satelitte.
The GreenBox service is very fast. Following an initial phase in which R-Space and the customer assess the suitability of the customer's technology for the GreenBox service, R-Space ensures the delivery into orbit within 6 months. Following a successful launch and orbit injection, R-Space will operate the satellite until all required data are generated and transmitted to the customer and the contract ends. Complying with Austrian law, R-Space will ensure the removal of the satellite from its orbit.

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Last modified: 2024-05-21

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