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CubeSat Bus/Platform
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Founded 2005
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Building on a foundation of fundamental space physics research, we design, develop, assemble, and deploy novel ground-based instruments, space-based sensors, satellites, and sophisticated computer models.


Orion Space Solutions of Colorado will lead the primary development of the ACMES spacecraft. Including the design and fabrication of the 12U bus and avionics. 

Status Active in nanosatellites
Subcontractor for
launched nanosats
SORTIE (Scintillation Observations and Response of The Ionosphere to Electrodynamics)
Subcontractor for
to be launched nanosats
RROCI (Rapid Revisit Optical Cloud Imager),   ACMES (Active Cooling for Multispectral Earth Sensors)
Subcontractor for
cancelled nanosats
DIME (Double-probe Instrumentation for Measuring Electric-fields),   SIPS (Scanning Imaging Photometer Systems),   Topside Sounder

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