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Constellations Weather
Weather constellation utilizes microwave technology to capture temperature and moisture measurements, refreshed and delivered every 15 minutes.
Status: Prototype(s) launched
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Country US, UK
Founded 2015
Funding $4.2M

The GEMS2 satellite radiometers are designed to gather Earth observation data across 24 sounding and imaging channels, providing vertically distributed precipitation and temperature data points in a 2,000km-wide swath as each satellite orbits the Earth. The addition of a single GEMS2 radiometer to operational status will increase the global availability of microwave observation data by around 10%.
In addition, data collected by GEMS2 in 118GHz and 183GHz bands with 16km spatial resolution and cross-track scanning enables enhanced data reliability and precision. Global temperature, precipitation, and humidity profiles from the surface to 45km in altitude will be made available within 15 minutes of downlink, enabling near real-time analysis.

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Status Active in nanosatellites
Own nanosats
IOD-1 GEMS (Global Environmental Monitoring System, OMS IOD Mission 1, IOD 1 Mission)
Own nanosats
to be launched
GEMS-2 (Global Environmental Monitoring System),   GEMS-3 ( Global Environmental Monitoring System),   GEMS-4 ( Global Environmental Monitoring System),   GEMS-5 ( Global Environmental Monitoring System) ,   GEMS-6 ( Global Environmental Monitoring System)
Hosted payload on
launched nanosats
R2 (R-2, M6P 2, OMS, TRAIL-1, LacunaSat)

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