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Name Orbital Astronautics (Orb Astro, OrbAstro)
CubeSat Bus/Platform
Communications - S/X/Ku/Ka/E
EPS (Electrical Power System)
OBC (On-Board Computer)
Orbital Data Relay
Constellations Orbital Data Relay
3D Imaging
24-hour access to satellites through an optical data relay inter-link and RF ground link. Semi-autonomous satellite and constellation management and space traffic management for OrbAstro platforms.
Status: Prototype(s) launched
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Country UK
Founded 2018
Funding Yes
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OrbAstro (Orbital Astronautics Ltd) is a space technology company focused on compressing the upfront cost and lead-time to get from business idea to revenue generation, for companies utilising satellites.


OBC contains an Ultrascale+ based OBC (4GB RAM, 256GB high-speed storage), full ADCS, reaction wheel controls, magnetorquer controls, star-trackers, camera interfaces, full SDR S-/X-band (up to 150Mbps), GPS, optical data link control & processing, and Kintex FPGA for heavy data-processing and AI applications. The baseline system provides a total processing power exceeding 2 TFLOPs. Fault tolerance (SEU and SEL protection) implemented on both hardware and software. Most of the systems are based on TMR for fault-tolerant logic. EDAC is implemented on all memory units.

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