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Name Open Cosmos
CubeSat Bus/Platform
IOD / IOV Payload Hosting Service
Educational Kit
Spacecraft Design Tool
Constellations Earth Observation
The Open Constellation project is a global, shared satellite infrastructure built and managed by Open Cosmos.
Status: Prototype development
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Country UK
Founded 2015
Funding $12.6M+
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Open Cosmos delivers satellite-based solutions designed to tackle Earth’s biggest challenges. We offer our customers everything needed to bring them actionable information from space; ranging from mission development software and payload qualification kits to ready-to-launch small satellite platforms and supporting services.

Status Active in nanosatellites
Subcontractor for
launched nanosats
qbee (qbee50-LTU-OC, SE01, QB01, OBEE50 LTU-OC ),   3B5GSAT (Sateliot-1, 3rd Generation Before 5th Generation Satellite),   LacunaSat-2b (LS2)
Subcontractor for
to be launched nanosats
Menut (OpenConstellation),   DOVER,   ALISIO (Advanced and Light Satellite for Infrared Observations),   e2E 1 (IOD),   e2E 2 (IOV),   MANTIS (Mission and Agile Nanosatellite for Terrestrial Imagery Services, OpenConstellation?),   CogniSat-6 (OpenCosntellation)
Own nanosats
to be launched
Menut (OpenConstellation),   MANTIS (Mission and Agile Nanosatellite for Terrestrial Imagery Services, OpenConstellation?),   NOVA (Exodus Orbitals CubeSat)

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