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Momentus plans to offer infrastructure services to support the growing space economy. With in-space transportation as our core service, our goal is to help our customers optimize the destination of space.


Momentus has ordered 30 QuadPack CubeSat Deployers from ISISpace.
The SEC announced July 13 it is settling charges against Momentus and Stable Road Acquisition Corporation as well as Stable Road’s chief executive, Brian Kabot and Stable Road’s sponsor, SRC-NI. The settlement includes more than $8 million in penalties and other conditions on both Momentus and its merger with Stable Road. The SEC alleged that Momentus and its Russian co-founder and former chief executive, Mikhail Kokorich, misled Stable Road about the state of its technology as well as national security issues involving Kokorich. Stable Road, in turn, failed to perform proper due diligence to identify those issues, and endorsed those false claims in its merger documents.
Announced in July 2021 that its latest-generation Microwave Electrothermal Thruster (MET) has completed 350 test cycles during the initial stages of “life testing” - the final stage of the thruster’s ground test campaign. Momentus is developing Vigoride to support services in Low-Earth Orbit. The Company has completed the manufacturing of two Vigoride vehicles, one with a 30W thruster and a second with a 550W thruster. A third Vigoride vehicle is currently in build and incorporates a 750W thruster.

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