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Name LaserFleet (Shenzhen Hangxing Optical Space Technology)
Constellations Internet
Optical comms
Provide reliable 1 Gbps communication rates to aircraft at altitude. Higher effective data rate at a lower cost than the best-in-class Ku/Ka/V.
Status: Cancelled?, Prototype(s) launched
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Country China
Founded 2017
Funding $2M?
Photos LaserFleet
Status Active in nanosatellites
Own nanosats
Xiaoxiang-1-02 (TY1-02, TY-4)
Hosted payload on
launched nanosats
Xiaoxiang 1-08 (Dianfeng, TY 1-08, XX-1 08, XX1-08, Tianyi-15, TY-15) ,   Tianyi-16 (TY-16, Double Star),   Tianyi-17 (TY-17, Double Star)

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