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Name Kepler Communications

IoT / M2M data communication network. Monthly fee based on the data amount. Hope to achieve rates of 1-40 Mbps. Clyde Space providing at least the first 3 sats.
Country Canada
Founded 2015
Own nanosats
Kepler 1 KIPP, Kepler 2 CASE
Own nanosats
to be launched
Kepler 3 TARS (IOD-5), Kepler 4, Kepler 5, Kepler 6, Kepler 7, Kepler 8, Kepler 9, Kepler 10, Kepler 11, Kepler 12, Kepler 13, Kepler 14
Status Active in nanosatellite context

Last modified: 2019-10-28

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Created by Erik Kulu


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