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Name Inovor
CubeSat Bus/Platform
Consulting Service
Constellations SSA (Space Situational Awareness)
Earth Observation
Hyperion is observing MEO and GEO orbital bands. Skyris mission uses on-board machine learning to enhance capability over existing Earth imaging systems and has ~1m resolution.
Status: Unknown
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Country Australia
Founded 2012
Funding Yes
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Inovor Technologies is a wholly Australian owned and operated company offering specialist development services and satellite mission solutions. We provide turnkey small satellite solutions using our Apogee satellite bus.


Additionally, a small satellite-based Space Domain Awareness mission to support the global space network is in development as is a smart Earth imaging mission for direct-to-user services.

Status Active in nanosatellites
Subcontractor for
to be launched nanosats
SpIRIT (Space Industry – Responsive – Intelligent – Thermal),   SASAT1 Kanyini (SASAT-1),   Buccaneer Main Mission (BMM, Apogee),   Hyperion 1,   Skyris
Own nanosats
to be launched
Hyperion 1,   Skyris

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