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Name AAC Hyperion
Reaction Wheels
Torque Rods
Propulsion (Thruster)
Star Tracker
Communications - Laser / Optical
Sun Sensor
Country Netherlands
Founded 2013

Founded in 2013 Hyperion Technologies joined AAC Clyde Space in 2020 and are now known as AAC Hyperion. Our company AAC Hyperion is based in Delft, the Netherlands, and specialises in high performance components for small spacecraft. It is renowned for its attitude and orbit control technologies and laser communications.


Bought by AAC Clyde Space in 2020.
AAC Clyde Space subsidiary Hyperion Technologies won a 150,000 euro ($185,000) contract to perform an in-orbit verification flight for CubeCAT, the company’s small satellite laser communications terminal. Hyperion announced plans Jan. 5 to launch CubeCAT in early 2022 onboard NorSat-TD, a technology demonstration mission coordinated by the Norwegian Space Agency.

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Last modified: 2022-12-25

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