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Name Hyperion Technologies
Reaction Wheels
Torque Rods
Propulsion (Thruster)
Star Tracker
Communications - Laser / Optical
Sun Sensor
Country Netherlands
Founded 2013
Notes [Bought by AAC Clyde Space in 2020.](https://investor.aac-clyde.space/en/press-releases/aac-clyde-space-to-acquire-hyperion-technologies-for-22-8-ms-79837) [AAC Clyde Space subsidiary Hyperion Technologies won a 150,000 euro ($185,000) contract to perform an in-orbit verification flight for CubeCAT, the company’s small satellite laser communications terminal. Hyperion announced plans Jan. 5 to launch CubeCAT in early 2022 onboard NorSat-TD, a technology demonstration mission coordinated by the Norwegian Space Agency.](https://spacenews.com/hyperion-cubecat-award/)
Status Active in nanosatellites

Last modified: 2021-03-21

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