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Name Helios Wire (Echostar)
Constellations IoT / M2M
Uses 30 MHz of S-band spectrum to receive tiny data packages from billions of sensors. Bought by EchoStar and first new batch from Tyvak.
Status: Prototype(s) launched
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Country Canada
Founded 2016
Funding $1M
Notes Bought by Echostar. Australian subsidiaries are Sirion Holdings and Sirion Global.
Photos Helios Wire Helios Wire
Status Active in nanosatellites
Own nanosats
Helios Wire BIU (Landmapper-BC 4, Corvus-BC, SIRION Pathfinder),   Pathfinder II (Pathfinder-2, Helios, SIRION)
Own nanosats
to be launched
Helios 2 (SIRION),   Helios 3 (SIRION),   Helios 4 (SIRION),   Helios 5 (SIRION),   Helios 6 (SIRION),   Helios 7 (SIRION),   Helios 8 (SIRION),   Helios 9 (SIRION),   Helios 10 (SIRION),   Helios 11 (SIRION),   Helios 12 (SIRION),   Helios 13 (SIRION),   Helios 14 (SIRION),   Helios 15 (SIRION),   Helios 16 (SIRION),   Helios 17 (SIRION),   Helios 18 (SIRION),   Helios 19 (SIRION),   Helios 20 (SIRION),   Helios 21 (SIRION),   Helios 22 (SIRION),   Helios 23 (SIRION),   Helios 24 (SIRION),   Helios 25 (SIRION),   Helios 26 (SIRION),   Helios 27 (SIRION),   Helios 28 (SIRION),   Helios 29 (SIRION),   Helios 30 (SIRION)

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