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Name Golbriak Space
Communications - Laser / Optical
Constellations Laser Communications
Optical communications constellation? First lasercomm modules launching on FSSCat CubeSats on Vega.
Status: Unknown, Prototype(s) launched
Constellation page at NewSpace Index
Country Estonia
Founded 2017
Funding Yes

Part of the team winning the Copernicus Masters 2017 and Sentinel Small Satellite Challenge 2017.

Photos Golbriak Space
Status Active in nanosatellites
Hosted payload on
launched nanosats
FSSCat A (Phi-Sat-1 A, PhiSat-1, BrainSat, Φ-sat-1, 3Cat-5/A, 3Cat-5A, TYVAK-0161),   FSSCat B (Phi-Sat-1 B, PhiSat-1, BrainSat, Φ-sat-1, 3Cat-5/B, 3Cat-5B, TYVAK-0162)

Last modified: 2022-05-29

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