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Name Geometric Energy Corporation (Geometric Space)
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Location Canada
Created 2015
Funding Yes, ?
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Geometric Space Corporation (GSC) is a recently formed subsidiary of Geometric Energy Corporation, a research and development firm founded in 2015. GSC provides cost-effective CubeSat rideshare programs, dedicated FireFly Alpha launches, and satellite data services.


Geometric Space Corporation’s ultimate ambition is to contribute to the creation of a multiplanetary civilization. The intermediary steps include optimizing current technology and expanding the commercial space market. It is those latter tasks on which the company is currently concentrating.

  • Inaugural mission, Geometric-1, will launch aboard a SpaceX rideshare mission no earlier than June 2022. Geometric-1 will launch a 12 x 6U CubeSat adapter plate into low Earth orbit, offering affordable 6U CubeSats aimed especially at startups and smaller budget projects. Will rceive support from the integration partner Maverick Space. 
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