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Company name Genergo
Propulsion (Thruster)
Country Italy
Founded 2021

We are developing a completely new type of space propulsion system to further push the boundaries of what is possible in space travel.


Our leap-ahead propulsion technology is aimed at introducing several game changing factors in space propulsion, including low energy consumption, complexity reduction, substantial weight and size savings, longer duration, non-polluting and eco-friendly components.

We firstly ventured into space on board Infinite Blue, the sixth mission of D-Orbit’s ION Satellite Carrier (ION), launched on May 25 aboard SpaceX’s Transporter-5 mission. Our test in space is taking place in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano (a top-ranked Italian university, positioned 9th worldwide in the specific subject Engineering – Mechanical according to QS World University Rankings), Department of Aerospace Science and Technology.

Our second venture into space launched on board SCV008 Fierce Franciscus, the seventh mission of D-Orbit’s ION Satellite Carrier (ION), launched on January 3, 2023 aboard SpaceX’s Transporter-6 mission. After the promising results of its first space mission (still ongoing),

Genergo’s second generation innovative space propulsion system (Gen-02) will test new technical specifications that will also serve for future developments. The modeling and definition of the on-orbit experiments continue to be carried out in conjunction with the Department of Aerospace Science and Technology of the Milan Polytechnic.

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Last modified: 2023-12-28

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