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Payloads (Sensors, Radiometers, Microwave etc)
Communications - UHF/VHF
Headquarters France
Created 1966
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We are a global engineering, technology and consulting service provider that partners with leading organisations to guide them through their business transformation, helping them achieve operational excellence and future-proof their businesses.


Expleo first developed a 1U cubesat Payload that is part of a space weather observation mission, conducted in collaboration with CSUM, CPUT and SANSA.

Building on this first project due for Launch in 2023, Expleo now develops new Payload capabilities that could allow connectivity in difficult zones to provide key services such as Blue Force Tracking (BFT) alternatives (including localization, critical care data…).

Expleo is currently finalizing the Assembly Integration and Test of ENSO’s Payload in Toulouse’s clean room that will allow a Launch aboard an international rideshare in 2023.

Three projects are currently being developed in the NewSpace sector:

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