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Name Exodus Orbitals
Software (Embedded / Onboard)
Country UK, Canada
Founded 2018

Launch your code in space!


Step 1: Build Your App

  • Design Your Mission - use our SDK to create your solution
  • Validate Your Code - test your code on the ground first
  • Deploy To Space - uplink your software to our satellite
    Step 2: Run Your App
  • Select Instrument - pick a tool to use from the instrument list
  • Schedule Action - select the time and place for your activity
  • Download Data - get your data in the format you want it

Experimenter on ESA's OPS-SAT mission.
Canadian startup Exodus Orbitals plans to launch its first satellite in March to take the software-defined space trend a step further, providing a platform for third parties to upload and run their applications from orbit. Software-defined satellites can be reprogrammed in space, enabling operators on the ground to reconfigure them for different applications after they are launched to orbit.
Exodus Orbitals and Modularity Space are officially announcing the start of ambitious new initiative: a “satellite-as-a-service” platform to run software applications in space, by combining the respective powers of both companies: software development and reusable space engineering.

Status Active in nanosatellites

Last modified: 2023-01-03

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Created by Erik Kulu

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