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Name Exodus Orbitals
Rent CubeSat
CubeSat Bus/Platform
Country UK, Canada
Founded 2018
Notes Experimenter on ESA's OPS-SAT mission. [Canadian startup Exodus Orbitals plans to launch its first satellite in March to take the software-defined space trend a step further, providing a platform for third parties to upload and run their applications from orbit. Software-defined satellites can be reprogrammed in space, enabling operators on the ground to reconfigure them for different applications after they are launched to orbit.](https://spacenews.com/exodus-orbitals-is-developing-an-open-satellite-platform/) [Exodus Orbitals and Modularity Space are officially announcing the start of ambitious new initiative: a “satellite-as-a-service” platform to run software applications in space, by combining the respective powers of both companies: software development and reusable space engineering.](https://www.linkedin.com/posts/dennis-silin-9399853_partnership-agreement-activity-6816098757063524353-Og2x/)
Status Active in nanosatellites

Last modified: 2021-08-17

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