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Name DcubeD (Deployables Cubed, D3)
Release Mechanisms (HDRMs, Pin Puller, Release Nuts)
Deployable Solar Panels
Deployable Booms
Deployable Structures
De-orbit Device
Deployable Radiators
Inflatable Antennas
Camera / Imager
CubeSat Deployer / Dispenser
Country Germany
Founded 2019
Funding Seed
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DcubeD develops actuators and deployable structures tailored for nano-satellites and the commercial space industry.


Seed Investment - HTGF & ILV42. ESA PowerCube Deployable Solar Array Project. Bavaria Funding on 3D modular deployable substructure.

ESA ARTES project to develop deployable solar array that will generate 100W and fit into 1U.

DcubeD to release its new deployable SPACE SELFIE STICK (D3S3) leading up to its in-space demonstration mission in June 2021.

CalPoly & DcubeD PowerSat satellite mission selected by NASA ELaNa programme.

ESA selects German consortium led by DcubeD to develop Deployable 100 Watt Solar Array for Nano Satellites.

Status Active in nanosatellites

Last modified: 2023-01-03

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