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Name SARsatX (CubeSat Arabia)
Previous names SAR-Sat Arabia
Consulting Service
CubeSat Bus/Platform
Constellations SAR
A large SAR constellation offers an enormous amount of acquisition possibilities to capture the territory of entire nations at high resolution, and more, in a single day. 
Status: Early stage
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Location Saudi Arabia
Founded 2019

SARsat Arabia is a space startup in the GCC and Arabia that designs and develops small satellites to do Earth Observation (EO) using Synthetic Aperture Radar and provide data for many sectors to support decision makers.


SARsat Arabia builds cost-effective small satellites using synthetic aperture radar for Earth observation providing high-resolution images (data) in rapid succession, around the clock, to support agricultural analyzes, change monitoring, port logistics, defense and security, and urban planning. Our mission is to provide data from space to allow better decisions to be made.

Status Active in nanosatellites

Last modified: 2023-12-24

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