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Name Craft Prospect
Quantum Key Distribution (QKD)
Country UK
Founded 2016
Funding $2.5M+

Enabling mission designers to make informed decisions. Using machine learning to optimise onboard operations. Augmenting QKD networks with nanosatellites.


The Responsive Operations for Key Services (ROKS) mission will demonstrate technologies for future secure telecommunication systems using Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) and supported by artificial intelligence. This discovery phase will progress the flight payload and ground test systems to Critical Design Review (CDR), before a final build and delivery to demonstrate in-orbit operation by 2022. To date the work has developed the technology basis for miniaturized space-ready QKD systems and has developed service opportunities with multinational finance, telecommunication and data providers for securing their networks.

Status Active in nanosatellites
Own nanosats
to be launched
ROKS (Responsive Operations and Key Services)

Last modified: 2023-01-03

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