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Established 2019
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We are designing hardware to do what has only been done once before - fly nanosatellite missions Beyond Low Earth Orbit.



  • The most advanced Pocketqube platform in development, Squire will be hardware open-source and is available in 1.5P, 3P and 6P form factors.
  • Squire is designed around our own deployer standard, back-compatible with the Alba/Delft/Gauss Open Pocketqube Standard, to provide greater stability during deployment and more volume for deployables.
  • Squire utilises our version of the Singularity Open-Source On-Board Computer, allowing for large amounts of built-in mission flexibility and reliability.


  • Longbow is an ultra-light Pocketqube deployer designed specifically for low-velocity, stable deployment of Pocketqubes in the deep-space environment.
  • Longbow is specifically designed for mounting inside a larger parent spacecraft, enabling delivery of Pocketqubes to new, interplanetary destinations.
  • Any 1.5P or 3P Pocketqube designed for Longbow is back-compatible with the Alba/Gauss/Delft Open Pocketqube Standard.


  • Knight is a family of 1U, 2U and 3U cubesats designed for use in near-Earth orbits.
  • Primary uses: supporting educational, technology demonstration, and commercial nanosatellite missions.


  • Paladin is our in-development family of 6U, 12U and 16U cubesat platforms intended for use in dedicated deep-space mission applications, for example Near-Earth Asteroid exploration, or planetary body constellations.
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