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Name Celestia Aerospace
Launcher (Dedicated)
Country Spain
Founded 2014
Funding $108M
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Our airborne launch platform is based on a proven concept that minimizes system complexity and costs. Be the first to take your business to orbit.


With this investment round, Celestia Aerospace launches a nanosatellite production center (low-mass satellites – from 1 to 10 kg – and small dimensions – a cube measuring 10 centimeters per side), for the creation of Earth Observation and Secure Communications constellations, among other applications. The production plant applies lean-manufacturing concepts typical of the automotive industry and will have a final production capacity of up to 100 units per year. 

  • Is that €100 million funding round really true for a startup that has 3 persons on LinkedIn and possibly only about 1 full-time employee? If yes, one of the biggest achievements in fundraising.
Status Active in nanosatellites

Last modified: 2023-04-30

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