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Company Blue Skies Space (Twinkle)
Constellations Astrophotography
Blue Skies Space, the world’s first company to deliver commercial science satellite data. Monitor how energy released by stars can affect the habitability of distant planets.
Status: Prototype development
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Headquarters UK, Italy
Established 2014
Funding $2.5M+
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At Blue Skies Space, we are transforming the way high quality scientific data is delivered from space by launching an independent fleet of low-Earth orbit astronomy and planetary science spacecraft.


Our vision is to provide the global research community with the cutting-edge space facilities they need to answer humanity’s greatest scientific questions. Our innovative model leverages the latest commercial space industry developments to set a new pace for scientific discovery, turning science mission concepts into reality on vastly accelerated timescales.

Status Active in nanosatellites
Own nanosats
to be launched

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