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Name Blink Astro
Docking Hardware
Constellations IoT / M2M
Data network, small ground transmitters and cloud-based data analytics services. Tech demo payload flown on M6P in 2019.
Status: Dormant?, Prototype(s) launched
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Country US
Created 2015
Funding Yes, ?
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Our product development engineers create innovative spacecraft and ground hardware solutions designed to streamline technical and business operations.


FuseBlox™ are patented, all-in-one spacecraft docking and connection devices. FuseBlox facilitate both soft and hard capture with near-zero momentum transfer and provide high-reliability electrical power and data connectivity. Individual FuseBlox are not gendered and are designed to fit a variety of applications. The self-aligning grapple technique accommodates small spacecraft rendezvous misalignments while device symmetry enables four secure mated configurations. (Patent 11,128,082)

  • Subsidiary of SpaceWorks.
Status Inactive in nanosatellites
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launched nanosats

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