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Founded 2019
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Autonomy Platform for satellite integrators and operators to eliminate risks and enable new capabilities.


Blackswan’s Autonomous Distributed Swarm System is designed to allow drones to work together as a team. The first mission for our swarm will be tackling one of the most pressing problems that could jeopardize future access to orbit – space debris. Collection along with long term management of debris will act as a crucial stepping stone for creating key infrastructure in Low Earth Orbit as well as safe travel and exploration in space.

Its Mission Design Simulator (MDS) enables customers to simulate complex spacecraft maneuvers for in-orbit servicing, object retrieval missions, space domain awareness, or simulating satellite constellations in real-time. 

The Vision Based Navigation (VBN) hardware payload running proprietary algorithms, enables spacecrafts to perform autonomous navigation maneuvers when control from the ground is not possible.

  • Blackswan has a contract with the European Space Agency to develop the core part of our autonomous software suite - the Mission Design Simulator, which aims to not only make it easier for our customers to prototype their autonomous small satellites missions, but also increase their success rate. 
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Last modified: 2024-05-18

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