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Name Astradyne
Deployable Solar Panels
Headquarters Italy
Established 2021
Funding $0.05M+
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We develop and manifacture Deployable Space Structures. Astradyne developed an innovative technology named FRET (Flexible, Reinforced Electronics with Textile), which reinforces Flex PCBs (flexible printed circuit boards) with textile materials.


Astradyne is a start-up company developing deployable structures for the aerospace industry. The core technology is an innovative manufacturing process for the integration of flex-PCB with high-strength textile material. The core technology makes the underlying structures highly resistant to mechanical stresses, high temperatures, and vibrations, while being light and able to be folded with angles of 360 degrees. This technology is used as an enabler for Astradyne's products, first and foremost SolarCube - an origami inspired solar panel.

The first application identified by Astradyne is SolarCube, an off-the-shelf, origami-inspired solar panel aimed at solving the limitations of conventional solar panels for space applications, such as small satellites. SolarCube has a stowed to deployed surface ratio of 1:50 which allows it to greatly increase the energy production capacity of spacecraft while reducing its volume.

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