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Edge Computing
Computing Unit (AI, Supercomputer, Processing Board)
Constellations Data Storage
M[esh network of small satellites to create the first commercial space-based data centre solution.](
Status: Prototype development
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Country UK
Founded 2023
Funding ESA BIC UK

A UK based CubeSat manufacturer, leader in space technology innovation and exploration. Our mission is to democratise space exploration, making it accessible and affordable to develop infrastructure beyond the bounds of the Earth, while still taking inspiration from Britain’s role in European led space exploration.


Founded in 2023, AS23.Space currently aims to provide technological solutions to revolutionise space communication and navigation infrastructure. Forging sustainable collaborations with government agencies, private enterprises, and interesting individuals who hold a deep interest in space technology, is a core part of our philosophy, our first major mission being worked on as part of the ESA’s Moonlight program.

AS23 Space Technologies brings these benefits to life through Nebula Data, our groundbreaking space data centre solution set to revolutionise data management. With unrivalled data security through blockchain encryption, cost reductions by eliminating intermediaries, lightning-fast analysis via edge computing, robust storage architecture, and quantum networking for seamless data transmission between satellites, Nebula Data empowers our customers with the next generation of secure, efficient data solutions tailored to the space environment.

Developing a Nebula Data solution - an innovative mesh network of small satellites to create the first commercial space-based data centre solution.

As global data creation is estimated to grow to 175 zettabytes by 2025, can ground-based data centres sustainably scale to meet demand? We think elevating infrastructure to space is the answer. Nebula Data solution will provide:

Status Active in nanosatellites

Last modified: 2024-05-11

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