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Antennas (Dipole, Patch, Helix)
Country Spain
Created 2010
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A compact low-profile planar antenna with circularly polarized characteristics is presented in this article. The antenna operates at UHF in two different bands (868 MHz and 915 MHz) and in the S-band in two different bands (2067 MHz and 2245 MHz). Different patches are used to operate in each band, obtaining a substantial RF isolation and reducing the requirements for duplex filter application. Regarding polarization, the UHF-band antennas operate in LHCP while the S-band antennas operate in RHCP polarization, providing a robust antenna solution regarding steering accuracy to the ground station antenna in case of a randomly rotation of wave polarization plane due to effect of the ionosphere. The proposed antenna provides more than 5-dB gain for the UHF- and more than 8.5-dBi gain for the S-band, fitting in a 2U cubesat with less than 6-mm height.

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Last modified: 2023-11-04

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