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Name Alén Space (Alen Space)
CubeSat Bus/Platform
Communications - UHF/VHF
Satellite Operations
Software (Embedded / Onboard)
Computing Unit (AI, Supercomputer, Processing Board)
OBC (On-Board Computer)
Constellations Constellation-As-A-Service
VDES (AIS 2.0)
Aiming to launch a “Mother Constellation” of nanosatellites that will lower barriers by speeding-up the deployment of new satellite services and reducing the cost of deployment.
Status: Concept
Constellation page at NewSpace Index
Country Spain
Founded 2017
Funding $1.1M+
Photos Alen Space

At Alén Space we have the technology and know-how to help your company or start-up take your business into space based on the design, production and operation of small satellites for the applications you require.

Status Active in nanosatellites
Subcontractor for
launched nanosats
Alfa Crux (AlfraCrux)

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