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Entity name Astralink (ACRI-ST)
Ground Station Network
Headquarters France
Founded 2024
Funding Yes, ?

Connect your Satellite Constellation with turnkey Ground segment solution.


Astralink, a project of the ACRI-ST company, aims to transform satellite operations through technological revolution and business model evolution. Our goal is to provide advanced mission management and communications solutions for nano and microsatellite operators, especially in the areas of Earth observation and IoT.

Our mission is to make the ground segment both accessible and economically viable, by offering tailor-made services that meet the varied needs of new entrants to the space sector. As a provider of “Ground Segment as a Service”, Astralink offers turnkey solutions, including autonomous ground stations and integrated networks, guaranteeing reliability and security thanks to the integration of the latest technological advances.

Astralink offers a range of tools, services and automation, used individually or in combination, to accelerate the delivery of secure data from your satellite mission.

  • A project of ACRI-ST.
Status Active in nanosatellites

Last modified: 2024-05-30

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