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Previous names NovaNano
CubeSat Deployer / Dispenser
CubeSat Bus/Platform
OBC (On-Board Computer)
Constellations IoT / M2M
About 50 kg microsats. One of the first NewSpace constellations in the field, but was not able to raise funding.
Status: Cancelled
Constellation page at NewSpace Index
Headquarters France
Created 2009
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Providing affordable rich data worldwide connectivity via Nano-Satellites.


4skies offers a small but rugged Connectivity Terminal to install on your connected assets. Combined with a completely Managed Data Transmission Service, our solution delivers and picks up data right at your front door.
These small devices are physically affixed to your connected assets. They employ patented Retro-Directive Antenna technology to track and communicate with one of our Nano-Satellites. Compared to traditional satellite technology, our Connectivity Terminal, priced as low as US$100, costs five times less. In addition, it can transmit Kilobytes to Megabytes on a daily basis and this fifty times faster while using a fraction of the energy.
Nano-Satellite constellation management, connectivity, data transfer, data processing, information extraction through value added applications, and distribution to the final users is entirely handled by our gateway and management center as a packaged service priced as low as US$5/month.

  • Previously offered CubeSat subsystems and deployer as NovaNano.
  • Website was active around 2016-2018 as per Wayback Machine.
Status Inactive in nanosatellites

Last modified: 2023-01-02

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Created by Erik Kulu

Email: erik.kulu@nanosats.eu
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/erikkulu

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